Mom’s Advice to Grandkids

Mom wrote these letters of advice to her eldest Grandchildren and since them more came along! We feel that this advice is good for all of us:-) “Always seek the positive. Always laugh; have a generous sense of humor.  Be silly!  Laugh at yourself.  Find humor in all situations.  Do not take life too seriously. […]

Mamma Rose Superhero

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Notes from Friends

I remember the first time I meet Rosemary. She was sitting on the back of her boat with Jim and Stan. She instantly invited me and Michael onto the boat and offered us refreshments.  We became friends that day.  She was always willing to help out if there was a problem. I don’t think that […]


THE BIRTH OF CHRISTIAN PAUL FARRAND during the ICE STORM OF December 16, 17 & 18 1973                                              Written for his birthday December 18, 2020 I’d been home for about a week, having ended […]

My Years at West Beach

My Years at West Beach Westbrook, Ct            Rosemary Cassano Mastrobattisto      8/14/ 2016                   I first summered in West Beach when I was 1 or 2 years old (1946 or 1947). When I was a toddler, my family rented the Lavieri […]

Neighbors for over fifty years

Our families have been summer neighbours for over fifty years. My grandparents bought land on Bellstone Avenue in 1946. Rosemarys family bought the lot next door in 1951 and built a house on the property. The Cassano and Panella family remained neighbors, with the descendants still living as neighbors.Rosemary and her brothers were older than […]